Who is The Domestic Princess?

So, who is The Domestic Princess?  Well, I’m a bit of dichotomy.  Whilst, I adore the finer things in life (red soled shoes, sparkly things to adorn fingers and luxury holidays), I also love everyday domesticity and like nothing better than a tip to remove a stain or knocking-up a spreadsheet for the household budget.  More often than not, I can be found cooking or baking-up a storm in the kitchen, that’s when I’m not searching for the perfect outfit, checking on the financial markets, lusting after the newest beauty product or working out.

Expect to find musings on food, travel, beauty, fashion, health, wealth and life in general.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please email me at:





  1. Congratulations! Looks great. Looking forward to all your domestic tips – I need them!!!

  2. Ann-Marie says:

    Dear Domestic Princess. I’ve been invited to a Queens Jubilee Party at a smart venue in the City at the beginning of June. Really looking forward to it but I’m now in a dilemma about what to wear. The dress code says “Red, White & Blue” so I’d like something stylish and fun, but that doesn’t end up looking like a 40-something Spice Girl! I have a fear and loathing of trawling the shops – can you help? xoxo


  1. […] really doing anything for me and I kinda lost my way.  Launching, running and trying to take The Domestic Princess to the next level has helped me to become “me” again, if that makes sense.  What […]

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