Great Apps for the over 12s

Today’s post is my final installment on apps for children and young people.  The over 12s category is probably the hardest to narrow down to just five apps, as there are so many available for this age group, especially the 15 – 18 year olds studying for their GCSEs and A Levels.  I only wish the iPad had been around back in the early ‘90s!  

DK The Human Body App – £4.99 for the iPad 

Human Biology was one of my favourite subjects whilst studying for my GCSEs.  If the whole tablet / smartphone phenomena had been around then, I would definitely have bought this award-winning app.  It explores the amazing human body, offering hours of learning, entertainment and enjoyment.  It is in the form of an interactive book containing in-depth material, including articles, videos and 3D graphics.  Many teachers and educators have recommended it as a “must-have app” for anybody studying the human physiology.  DK The Human Body App isn’t available on Android, but I felt that Human Body Anatomy was a suitable option from Google Play for £1.23.

Shakespeare in Bits:  Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth – £10.49 per book from iTunes.  This is a universal app – pay once and it’s on all your Apple devices.

This app brings Shakespeare to life for youngsters studying the Bard’s work.  The developers wanted to make Shakespeare’s plays more accessible, which I feel they have wholly achieved.  Each play is divided into easily digestible parts, with fabulous cartoon animation (don’t be fooled into thinking it’s childish, it’s not) and voiceover acting for each scene.  The Shakespeare in Bits series feature the full un-abridged works with the original text.  There is in-line translation to help readers understand some of the difficult words and phrases.  The app is a combination of text, coupled with side-by-side animation, with the facility to access biographies of the characters and to see a character relationship map.  I only wish that I’d had access to something as brilliant as this whilst I was studying Romeo and Juliet, as I’m sure I would have aced my GSCE with an A* instead of an A!  Julius Caesar will be released shortly.  Unfortunately this app isn’t available for Android and there wasn’t a suitable alternative.

Slice It! – £0.69 from iTunes and free on Android

This is a challenging puzzle game, with a maths-geometry slant to it.  The basis of the app is to slice different shapes into a specified number of parts, but to complete it in the required number of slices, making sure the pieces are all of the same size.  It starts off very easily:  slicing a square into two halves and splitting a triangle into three and so on, but as you progress through each level it gets more difficult.  There are 200 stages within the game and as you progress, you’ll encounter different types of obstacles.  A perfect score is achieved if you slice the object exactly into equivalent pieces; after each slice, your slicing abilities are graded one to five stars.  Stars earn Hints that can be used to unlock tips at any level, and these can be banked for use when you get stuck.

Revision App – The Ultimate Revision Tool – free from iTunes

This app covers the following levels:  University, GCSEs, A-Levels and SAT.  GCSEs and A-Levels are UK exams, whilst SAT are US ones.  It is a great revision aid, especially since it’s free!  Each level contains different subjects and within those subjects are flash card questions.  Having this kind of app on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad is a great way to be able to revise when out and about – no more wasting time on the bus!  There are University, A-Level and GCSE revision notes pre-installed within the app and there is the facility to get many more at just the tap of a finger in.  Students can create their own flash cards and can track their progress to see how they’re doing versus previous answers.  All in all, a great little app to support the revision process!  This app isn’t available for Android and there wasn’t really a suitable alternative – sorry!

Exam Prep by Andrew Johnson – £1.99 from iTunes and £1.90 for Android

If you read the post on Health & Fitness apps, you’ll know how much I love the Deep Sleep app by Andrew Johnson.  So, when I discovered he had an app called Exam Prep, I was extremely intrigued.  The Domestic King will tell you I was a basket case when studying for my exams (and the Domestic Prince can corroborate that nothing changed 6 years on and the same applied when I was taking my investment management exams.)  So, had this app been available during these testing (no pun intended) times, I would have been a definite buyer of this app.  This app will help the listener focus, improve concentration and overcome test or examination nerves.  You’ll still need to put in the hard-work with revision, but if his Relax and Positivityapps are anything to go by, they should help anybody studying for a test or exam to feel much better going into the exam room.

This post concludes the series on apps for children.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed it and found some useful ones for the little and young people in your lives.  There will be more posts in the app series over the coming weeks, but I’d love to hear from you if there are any categories you’d particularly like me to cover?  Or, if you’ve downloaded an incredible app!  Please share!

With much love

The Domestic Princess



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