Sole Survivor – Seven steps to keep your feet in tiptop condition

Not a week seems to go by these days without it being a national, international, world day or week, for any number of varying topics.  From feelings to people, to inanimate objects, to raising awareness for great causes, like World Aids Day, it seems anything and everything can be the focus.  And this week is no different, as it’s Love Your Feet Week.  Living in a hot country, my feet are on show most of the time, they take quite a pounding from the hard marble floors in our house, and are frequently exposed to the drying heat of the sun.  So taking care of them has become a priority for me.

Each foot is made up of 26 bones and the skin on the soles of our feet has evolved to become thicker than anywhere else on our body.  The skin on our face is around 0.02mm thick, however, on the soles of our feet it’s on average 5mm, to help cope with the strains and stresses of everyday activities, like walking and running etc.

Just like on the rest of our body, the skin on our feet constantly renews itself; shedding dead cells and replacing them with new ones from underneath.  However, if we don’t show them a little bit of care and attention, they can become dry with cracked heels, which can be incredibly painful.  It’s not just ladies who need to look after their feet, men do too, so here’s how I try to keep my feet in tiptop condition!

  1. Wash feet daily.  If you shower in the morning, and not in the evening, make washing your feet part of your nightly routine to wash the sweat and dirt of the day off.  Pay particular attention to between your toes.  Dry your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes, as this will help prevent fungal infections.
  2. Exfoliate your feet everyday.  I use my foot file everyday without fail, which I’ve had for over 8 years, and is still going strong.  It wasn’t cheap, but it’s proved to be a brilliant investment.  If you have exceptionally hard skin, it might be worth visiting a podiatrist or chiropractor to have it removed.
  3. Apply a moisturiser everyday.  The moisturiser you use needs to be one specially created for the feet, as the skin on the feet is so much thicker than on the rest of our body.  I rotate between a few different ones, and use one specifically for cracked heels a few times a week.
  4. I try to trim my nails weekly, as if you leave them to grow too long, one, they can become quite painful when wearing shoes, two, they cause holes in my trainers! And, three, if not cut regularly nails can thicken and harden, growing into the surrounding skin.
  5. Healthy nails look pink and smooth.  To get them looking nice and healthy, gently exfoliate the area where your nail meets the skin with a toothbrush, whilst you’re having your shower.
  6. I once had the most incredible pedicure by Bastien Gonzalez.  My toenails were so shiny and it lasted for months!  To create such an amazing shine, he buffed my nails with a chamois buffer and a buffing cream.  Needless to say I bought both products (yes I am a marketers dream!), but I’m so glad I did, as I can now recreate the glass-like shine on my tootsies!
  7. Try and have a pedicure once a month, or if you can’t afford one, carve out some time and give yourself one.

Domestic Princess tips

  1. Keep a foot file near your shower/bath and give them a quick scrub as part of your daily routine.  To get best results, foot buffing should be done on dry skin.
  2. Keep your moisturiser by the side of your bed.  Massage a thick layer into your feet and pop a pair of socks on to stop the cream getting onto your sheets.  I love the softening socks from Bliss.
  3. When your feet are exposed to the sunshine, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, especially as the skin on top of the feet is extremely thin.
  4. If you want to avoid your nails yellowing, never wear polish for more than three days.  You (hopefully!) wouldn’t dream of wearing make-up for more than one day, so why would you wear polish for weeks on end?  Nails, like skin need to be able to breathe, and nail varnish is extremely dehydrating.  Wearing polish for extended periods of time can damage the nail.
  5. Don’t cut your cuticles.  The cuticle is there to protect the nail bed.  Just push them gently back with an orange stick.
  6. Make sure your shoes fit you properly.  Ill fitting shoes, can cause no end of problems for your feet.
  7. Choose a glass or diamond nail file.
  8. Cut nails straight across, not too short, and never cut down the sides, which will help prevent in-grown toenails.
  9. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday.  Rotate them, to allow them to dry-out.

So, give your feet some tender loving care!  And on that note, I’m off for a pedicure to show my feet some love!

How do you look after your feet?  Are you religious about looking after your feet?  I’d love to hear from you.

With much love

The Domestic Princess




  1. Your point about men looking after their feet is spot on! Anyone who wishes to stay active and healthy as they get older, won’t neglect taking good care of their feet.

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