Shoot for the moon

A tweet by @tim_weeks (a fabulous personal trainer I follow on twitter) last week about the importance of setting goals got me thinking.  I’m not very good without a focus to my life, or without goals to strive for.  I think I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that before coming to live in India, I worked in the City; which was rewarding and soul destroying in equal measures.  However, what my previous life did give me, was a purpose, a focus, goals to strive for: reaching my sales targets, being promoted to MD.  Whatever it was, it gave me direction and structure.  Moving to India, I lost all of that (as I don’t work here in the true sense) and my life no longer had any formal structure; I would drift from one day to the next, without ever really (in my mind anyway) achieving anything worthwhile.  Obviously I had the house in India to run (and believe me it takes more effort than I can articulate in this blog post), and being a supportive wife to the Domestic Prince, however, I wasn’t really doing anything for me and I kinda lost my way.  Launching, running and trying to take The Domestic Princess to the next level has helped me to become “me” again, if that makes sense.  What I’ve learnt from the last few years is that I need to have a purpose, direction and goals in my life.

Despite being a bit, ok, a major type-A personality (known for their goal-setting tendencies), the truth is, goal-setting is extremely important for everyone to help with our overall happiness and wellbeing.  Studies have shown that by setting goals, no matter how small, gives us direction, without which we can feel lost.  Having goals focuses our energy and helps us work towards things that are valuable and important to us.  Without them, we can feel as if we’re flailing, or aren’t sure about where our lives are heading.  By setting goals, it can help us get back on course and find our mojo.  Without goals, there can’t be accomplishments. You will know from experience that every time you reach your goal, you’ve proven to yourself that you are capable of achieving something, which in turn will boost your self-esteem and hopefully help you believe in yourself.  Also, goals help us to go out of our comfort zone (launching The Domestic Princess and putting myself “out there” in the public domain, certainly put me out of my comfort zone) and to take-on, and experience new and exciting challenges.  There was a BBC programme a few years go called “The Science of Happiness“, where they looked at different studies and research from around the world to see what makes us happy.  One of their findings was that setting goals for the long-term helps contribute towards our enduring happiness.  Chatting through this post with the Domestic Prince, he brought some interesting points up.  For example, why do million and billionaires carry on working when they clearly aren’t doing so just for the money?  Or, the flip-side to this, is why do lottery winners quite often go off the rails after their win when they’ve given up work?  Or probably one of my favourite examples of goal setting, is why do athletes do what they do, when the compensation they have traditionally received for doing what they love, is so poor compared to say footballers?  Well, it’s all because of goals, or in the case of the lottery winners, the lack of them.

Before seeing Tim’s tweet last week, my attention had already been turning to the future; more so than normal.  I’m not quite sure what prompted these prolonged thoughts…maybe it’s the fact the Domestic Queen has a form of dementia and I don’t know how much longer she’ll be around (gulp); maybe it’s the fact the big four oh is looming, or perhaps it’s because the Domestic Princess is going from strength to strength (thank you for your support!), or it could be that I fulfilled one of my goals a couple of weeks ago when we went to the Singapore Grand Prix.  Who knows?  But all of this culminated in me thinking….”what next”? “what do I want to achieve over the next x number of years?”  So, last night I sat down and put together some of the things I’m looking to achieve.  I was going to do forty things to do before I’m forty, however, there’s so much I want to achieve, some of which are longer term goals, which probably can’t be achieved within the next 18 months, that I’ve just decided this is a list of goals to strive for.  This list is by no means complete.  I am sure I’ll be adding to it as and when another aspiration/goal comes into my mind.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!  Oh, and it’s not in any particular order either – it’s completely random!

  1. Go cage diving with sharks
  2. Swim with dolphins
  3. Have my cookery book published
  4. Design and live in my dream house
  5. Walk the Great Wall of China
  6. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  7. Spend New Year’s in Sydney, Australia
  8. Party at the Rio Carnival
  9. Go to the Men’s Wimbledon tennis finals
  10. Go on a safari in Africa
  11. Have my own column in a magazine
  12. Tour Uluru on the back (I’m too chicken to be in charge) of a Harley Davidson
  13. Visit the Marlborough wine region in New Zealand
  14. Drive across the US on Route 66
  15. Reach my goal weight and maintain it
  16. Run 10k non-stop
  17. Be able to do 10 unassisted pull-ups
  18. See the cherry blossom in Japan
  19. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  20. See Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  21. Find my abs(!)
  22. Learn to surf
  23. Start playing tennis again
  24. Learn to play golf
  25. Have my own cookery television programme
  26. Take the Leiths Cookery School Diploma in Food & Wine
  27. Set up and run my own highly successful business
  28. Watch a Chloe runway show at Fashion Week
  29. See a ballet at The Royal Opera House
  30. Learn how to make French macarons
  31. Learn how to make pasta
  32. Live in Manhattan
  33. Be able to confidently ski a black/double diamond black run without the aid of copious G&Ts or bombardinos
  34. Be able to do a fishtail plait on myself
  35. Make The Domestic Princess a lucrative venture
  36. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy
  37. Go to a music festival – glamping style!
  38. Fully understand US politics
  39. Learn how to do “smokey eye” make-up
  40. Take singing lessons (so many people in my life will be grateful for this one!)
  41. Fly in a private jet
  42. Complete The Times crossword (I’m nearly there!)
  43. Learn how to make mozzarella
  44. Visit Tuscany, Italy
  45. Ride on the Orient Express
  46. Visit the Champagne region
  47. Watch the lighting of the christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in NYC
  48. Complete Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution program
  49. Watch all the old MGM musical movies
  50. Read (or re-read) all the books on the BBC – The Big Read – Top 100 Books

I would love to hear if you’re a goal setter and if they’re important to you?  Do you feel you’ve lost your mojo when you aren’t striving towards something?  Have you got a list of aspirations / goals?  And if so, I’d love to hear about them.

With much love
The Domestic Princess



  1. Domestic Prince says:

    Awesome post, loved it, Am very surprised to see sharks on the list, but very happy that a large number of these are on my list too.

    • The shark diving is about putting me out of my comfort zone! Am thinking learning how to do a fishtail isn’t one of them?! Although, would love for you to learn, so you can do it for me! xoxo

  2. excellent post – loving the list :), pretty sure you can learn the smokey eye make up on youtube, so you don’t have to wait till you’re back in London at the Selfridges Beauty hall :).

    • Thank you!! I’ve had it done at the Laura Mercier counter and kind of do a replica of it – it’s just not smokey enough! Will have a trawl through the internet and You Tube and if I’m feeling brave post my before and after pics. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. xoxo

      • hmmm love Laura Mercier eyeshadow, but I think only one place in Singapore stock it…not that I need any more make-up to pile up in my bathroom! Keep writing – at some point, I plan to try out some of your recipe’s the frozen raspberry yoghurt looks particularly tempting!

      • I’m a massive Laura Mercier fan too! You can get Laura Mercier at Sephora in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City. I’m trying to use up all the make-up I have on the go before I purchase anymore! Am not hopeful about this though…Thanks! Definitely give them a whirl and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading! xoxo

  3. This has totally come at an opportune time for me….composing my own list during today’s lunch break. Really liked the examples of athletes Vs footballers

  4. Excellent! I’m a great believer that having goals make it more certain you’ll live a fulfilled life, a happy, contented and healthy life. Reading your post has motivated me to sign up for an advanced motorist’s course to sharpen my driving skills as I get a little older, and to take steps to improve my navigation skills to enhance my enjoyment of walking in the hills of Wales.

  5. Domestic Prince says:

    Can I add “Go and see the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 with Domestic Prince” to your list?

  6. pinkpeppertree says:

    Very interesting post, made me think about the importance of setting goals. I like to set myself goals but I often need to adjust them as I go along. And particularly this year I find that what I want changes all the time! It’s a little crazy… Great post!

  7. Brilliant post, love the randomness of your list, although there is a glamorous thread running through! I function much better with goals and structure, but must remember that not everyone around me feels the same.. Hmm, easier said than done. Lovely to discover your blog via BYW.
    Sarah x

  8. Brilliant post, love the randomness of your list, although there is a glamorous thread running through! I function much better with goals and structure, but must remember that not everyone around me feels the same.. Hmm, easier said than done. Lovely to discover your blog via BYW.
    Sarah x

    • Thank you for reading and for your kind comment! Yes, totally random, but variety is the spice of life! I do love a bit (ok, a LOT of glamour!) Yes, I love goals and structure, thankfully, most people in my life do! Thank you! xoxo

  9. Thanks for the reminder about happiness and goal setting. …and your list is very impressive!
    – grace (via byw)

  10. A wonderful list!!!! Re-reading this has inspired me to plan our travels in 2013 at least, can you believe we’ve been in India for 6 months today!

    By the way you can do 2 & 13 together. Swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura in New Zealand. Picture this, in the water, with bright blue sky, snow capped mountains in the distance, making funny squeaking sounds in your snorkel (yes you have to!) and all of a sudden a freight train swims past you, oh no, that was a dolphin…you’ll love it!

    Ooh this is a long link, but gives you the idea!,+new+zealand&hl=en&client=safari&sa=X&tbo=d&rls=en&biw=1000&bih=1213&tbm=isch&tbnid=NM7rNo26-tSplM:&imgrefurl=,r:0,s:0,i:137


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