The Wonder Cream

There is one beauty product that I ALWAYS have to hand: in every handbag, in the kitchen, in the sitting room, by the side of my bed, in the car, on my desk in the study….pretty much everywhere.  So what is this much-loved product?  Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour® Cream.  This cult classic has been a beauty staple of mine for many, many years.  And I will wax lyrical about the benefits of it to anybody who will listen!  Being a beauty junkie whore, there are few products that I will buy time and time again.  Eight Hour® Cream seems a bit like Marmite – you either love it, or hate it!  I obviously fall firmly into the love it camp.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream was created back in 1930, by Miss Elizabeth Arden.  It was the first cosmetic product to bear her name.  The cream was so effective, that Miss Arden used it to help heal the bruises on her thoroughbred horses.  The name was inspired by a customer who claimed that the cream had helped to heal her son’s scraped knee in just eight hours.

I hear about so many different ways that people use this wonder cream, that I thought it would be selfish to keep them all to myself!

  1. It’s great as a lip salve.  I put it on every night before going to sleep.
  2. I also massage it into my cuticles, which helps keep my nails healthy.
  3. I never board a plane without the travel size tube of Eight Hour® on me.  It really helps lock in moisture and keep my skin hydrated during the flight.
  4. It’s fabulous at healing and preventing scarring from burns.
  5. Brilliant at healing scars.
  6. For easing wind burn – really helps take the sting and redness out.
  7. Sunburn – on the very odd occasion I’ve been sunburnt, smothering this on the affected area has really helped.
  8. My sister-in-law swore by it for nappy rash with my two nieces.
  9. If you suffer with chapped, red raw hands in winter – this will work wonders for you.
  10. It’ll banish any dry skin patches.
  11. Since it contains salicylic acid, it’s great for helping heal blemishes and some even claim it’s helped with their acne.
  12. Can’t remove waterproof mascara? Rub a little cream on your lashes then wipe off with cotton wool.
  13. Once a week, I try to rub this all over my face before going to sleep, as when I wake up in the morning, my skin is brighter and more even in skin tone.
  14. Apply to cracked heels before going to sleep and you’ll wake up with softer heels.
  15. You know that awful “Rudolph” look you have when you have a cold? Apply this magic balm and the raw and red flaky skin will not be an issue.
  16. Applied over bare eyelids gives a modern glossy finish.
  17. As a hair serum to smooth down frizzy ends.
  18. For a dewy complexion I use it on my cheekbones, where I would normally put a highlighter.  It’s reflective but doesn’t add any colour.
  19. Great for taming eyebrows.
  20. Heals any cuts.
  21. Rub into ankles, heels and elbows the night before applying fake tan.
  22. Applied after waxing or shaving it can help soothe any irritated skin.
  23. Great at calming shaving rashes on men.
  24. Have heard that it can help treat heat rash.
  25. Sufferers of eczema have said that unlike the steroid creams their dermatologist had prescribed them, Eight Hour® Cream completely cleared up their eczema.
  26. Some people apply it to their skin before going swimming to protect against the chlorine.
  27. Can help heal cold sores – as a sufferer, I’ll definitely be trying this, the next time I get one.
  28. Use as a barrier in harsh weather – I know people use it under sunscreen when skiing.

You only need a small amount, so a tube lasts for ages!  Not a fan of the scent?  It now comes in an unscented version.  Although I’ve heard that the formula is slightly different.  I love the scent, so will be sticking with the original.  Elizabeth Arden have also developed other products in the range, which I’ll be checking out and will report back if they’re any good.

If the price is the only reason you haven’t tried this wonder balm, google for it and you can normally get it a lot cheaper than in department stores.  And Bangaloreans, good news!  It’s only around £8 a tube here – bargain!

Gents – this is not just for ladies to use!  I know plenty of men who steal this from their other halves!

I am currently slathered in my Eight Hour®, as I probably have the worst mossie bites I’ve had since living in India, I have yet another burn from cooking, and as anybody who’s seen me recently will attest, my skin is definitely not looking its best!  Here’s hoping that in 8 hours I’ll be looking much better!

So tell me, are you a fan of Eight Hour® Cream, or do you loathe it?  How do you use it?

With much love
The Domestic Princess



  1. going on the christmas list 🙂

  2. I have ever liked it,sadly-as I soooowant to like it! I have ever liked the smell and find it very sticky,gooey as a cream. I get the lip balm thing but not to use it as a cream etc…I have very dry dry cuticles,which I pick the dry areas around my nails,this habit is a bad one and drives me nuts….I have never used 8 hour cream for this, you say it’s good? I need something to save me from the habit!! What do you suggest?
    I have tried 8 hour cream hand cream and 8 hour cream body moisturizer,both has the same smell and are very thick, so I stoped using them. So I have tried some of their other products…..but if it can help me with my cuticles, I will buy it again.
    Love your posts DP… you have any stickers for my car!?
    B x

  3. Your blog prompted me to pull out my Eight Hour Cream which has been hiding in the back of my bathroom cupboard. I’ve put it on my cheekbones today as a highlighter and I like the effect. Thanks for the tip!
    Sarah xox

  4. Vanessa Utting says:

    Would never leave home without it! Have tunes everywhere and I always use it on the kids for sunburn etc as it doesn’t sting!

  5. littlepapertrees says:

    I have only heard great things about this product, will have to give it a try (here from BYW)

  6. Bob Howells says:

    The benefits have convinced me to get a tube!

  7. I’ve been a convert since you introduced me to it several years ago – I can vouch for the Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream and the Lip Protectant Stick from the range, they’re both fab

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