Ski wear for Men & Children

Back in October I shared with you some lovely ski wear options for Ladies and promised to come back with some options for men and children.  The same tips on picking ski wear for ladies applies to the gents and little ones too.  I ended up going for a Killy jacket, Schoffel pants and mittens instead of gloves.  I had always steered away from mittens, as it’s a bit harder to get things in and out of pockets etc. etc.  However, when I was buying my jacket and pants, the wonderful sales guy at Snow & Rock in Harrods said he would take a pair of mittens over gloves any day, as they help to keep the hands a lot warmer.  Knowing my feet were going to be super toasty in my heated boots, I took the sales assistant’s advice and opted for mittens, and boy am I glad I did.  With temperatures of -22C, my hands stayed warm on every outing on the slopes.  But enough of my chat, here’s my chosen outfits.

Children's ski wear

  1. Tresspass Blaine ski jacket, £54.99 from Little Skiers
  2. Tresspass Marvelous ski pants, £32.99 from Little Skiers
  3. Matteo all-in one snowsuit, £39.99 from Mountain Warehouse
  4. Trespass Candy Pop ski package, £60 from Ski Trek
  5. Didriksons all-in one snowsuit, £80  from Simply Piste


Ski Wear for Men

  1. Spyder Bromont jacket, £675 from Snow & Rock
  2. Arc’teryx Beta AR pants, £270 from Snow & Rock
  3. Helly Hansen Viper jacket, £154 from Helly Hansen
  4. Helly Hansen Trans ski pants, £110 from Helly Hansen
  5. Tresspass Igloo jacket, £69.99 from Ski Wear 2Go
  6. Dive2B ski pants, £38.99 from Ski Wear 2Go

Have any of you been skiing yet this season?  I’d love to hear where you’ve been or where you’re going.


With much love
The Domestic Princess



  1. Not only were you warm on the slopes, you were also looking tip top tastic!!!!! Love the kids outfits here…… but I have to say, the Domestic Prince left these outfits at the starting line – he was looking awesome in his top-to-toe black. They sell heated gloves now – I will so be buying myself a pair of these!!!!! xx

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