Top 5 Apps to keep your passwords safe

The Domestic Prince is all kinds of awesome in many, many ways.  Breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning?  Check.  Supportive?  Check.  Kind?  Check.  Loving?  Check.  Indulging me in my love of all things sparkly?  Check.  Good memory?  Hhhmmm not so much…..  I think I might lose the plot if he asks me one more time what his PayPal logon is!  So in an attempt to help him, and in turn help save me from sounding like a broken record, today’s post is slightly selfish.

Email, online banking, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, online shopping, the list goes on. Nearly everything that you do these days requires a password.  I’m sure you’d all agree that it’s quite annoying to create accounts, as well as coming up with and remembering new passwords for all of them.  Some require capitals, some have a minimum character length, some need numbers and then there’s those that require a character such as @ or *.  The good news, is that there are handy little apps out there to make your online life a tiny bit easier.  What are these apps, I hear you ask.  They’re called password managers.  A password manager will save you a headache or two by remembering your countless passwords, freeing you up to remember the more important things.  Some also have the capability to remember email addresses, ATM pin numbers, credit card information, usernames etc, all securely and safely. All information is stored in an encrypted file that protects the confidential data from anybody who might have physical access to your mobile device.  The encrypted file can only be accessed via a master password – which is a complete result, as you now only have to remember one password as opposed to many.  Some password managers also have the potential to generate unique and complicated passwords that make it extremely difficult for those trixie people to hack into.  Below are the five password manager apps on my shortlist to deploy in the Domestic household.  I’ll come back and let you know which one we choose.

1PasswordiOS & Android

This app keeps your many online passwords safely locked up. It can also keep track of other data like passport details, addresses and more.  The app is quite plain, which will make using it a cinch, even for the most technologically challenged.  1Password can also generate strong passwords.  Simply enter the master password to unlock the 1Password app and access websites with one single tap.  1Password also stores credit cards, passports, bank accounts, driver’s licenses and more; ensuring all your important data is always with you.  And obviously, all data is encrypted, so if you’re unlucky enough to lose your mobile device, or to have it stolen, all your personal data is completely secure.  1Password is also available via Mac and Windows desktops as well.

LastPassiOS & Android

LastPass stores web site passwords, credit card information and more.  All behind a master password. It’s also designed with simplicity in mind: there are no complex menus here.  LastPass also offers a comprehensive overview and analysis of the security of your existing passwords.  It looks at things like the length of the password, how many times it’s been reused across different websites and then gives you a global ranking and percentage score for your passwords.  All information stored on LastPass is encrypted locally, so your information is always safe.  Like 1Password, LastPass is available on Windows or Mac computers as well as an app.

oneSafe – iOS & Android

Like LastPass, oneSafe lets you save and encrypt photos and entire documents together with credit card numbers and passwords for your online life.  Everything is protected either by a PIN, a password or pattern-tracing access.  You can also set the app up to alert you to any attempted break-ins.  oneSafe also allows information to be synced between devices that use iCloud.  It’s available as a desktop version on the Mac, but not yet on Windows.

DashlaneiOS & Android

Dashlane automatically syncs across multiple platforms, allowing for seamless interaction.  All versions of Dashlane include alerts on security breaches, a built-in digital wallet for online purchases and automatic saves and screenshots of any purchases.  Being an avid online shopper(!) one of the features that really appeals to me is how this app facilitates online shopping through very easy to use colour-coded information.  Purchases are completed in a matter of a few clicks! (Not sure the Domestic Prince will be loving this feature!).  As well as keeping all your passwords safe, Dashlane also stores driving licences, bank cards and pretty much everything else you want kept away from nosey parkers!  If you choose to purchase the desktop version, it’ll tell you how many saved passwords you already have in your browser and give you the choice to review and encrypt them.

mSecureiOS & Android

Like some of the other password managers, mSecure is available via multi devices and various platforms.  It allows you to store passwords and other sensitive data according to different categories – ranging from passport data to credit card numbers and clothing size.  It also lets you create your own categories too.  Access is via a master password and for the super cautious among you, one can specify the data stored to be erased after either 5, 10 or 20 failed attempts at getting into the app.   If you’re after a pretty looking app, then mSecure isn’t for you.  If simplicity and a no-frills app is your priority, then mSecure would be a good choice.

All of the apps bar mSecure, which will set you back £6.99 are free, with in-app options to get further functionality.

So there you go, 5 password managers that can take care of keeping your passwords and other personal data away from prying eyes.

Do you already use a password manager to store your passwords?  If so, which one do you use?

With much love
The Domestic Princess



  1. Bob Howells says:

    Great information. Will certainly use one of them but would appreciate knowing which of the five is the easiest to use.

  2. The Domestic Prince says:

    Awesome, just what I need….wait, what are we talking about? Oh yeah, apps to help with my memory. What are the extra features you can purchase with Dashlane and how much are they? What are the easiest ones from a user perspective? Can I have them sync between my iPhone, iPad and Mac computer?

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