Shady People: Sunglasses to suit everyone

As I mentioned in the post on protecting your skin in the sun, UV radiation from natural sunlight can damage your eyes, both outside (sclera and retina) and inside on the cornea and lens.

Not protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays can cause no end of damage.  It can lead to skin cancer around the eyelids, cataracts and other eye disorders.  If that hasn’t got you reaching for your sunnies, I don’t know what will?!  And, if you’re a contact lens wearer, think about choosing a brand that offers UV protection.

I think choosing sunglasses that suit the shape of your face can be as tricky as choosing the right swimwear!  But like choosing swimwear, it’s all about knowing your shape, which will determine which frames will suit you.  Lucky for you, I have a little guide to help you!!

Which shape face are you?

A square face is one with a well-defined jaw line, wide cheekbones and a broad forehead.  Square faces are proportionally even.  “Chiseled” is probably a good way of describing squares.

If you have a square face you can carry off aviators really well, together with oval, round or curvy frames.  Metal frames with dark lenses are a good option.  Creams and neutrals are brilliant colours to soften the strong features of squares.  One style to avoid for squares is, funny enough, square shaped frames.  This style will just accentuate the angular nature of your face.

  1. Prada Folding PR12OS in Ivory, £206.46 from Fashion Eyewear
  2. Polarised men’s classic silver metal aviator, £16.50 from Boots
  3. Ray Ban Aviators, £87.95 from Blaze Sunglasses

If you’ve got a circular face with full cheeks and a rounded chin then you have a round face.  The objective of glasses for this shape face is to choose a frame that makes the face appear narrower and longer.  Go for angular shapes that break-up the roundness of your face.  Choose styles that are wider than they are deep; opting for a pair that are slightly wider than the broadest part of your face.  Without a doubt you want to avoid round frames.  An absolute no-no.  Classic black frames are going to be a winner on round faces.

  1. Ralph Lauren RL8066, £92.95 from Smart Buy Glasses
  2. Ray Ban Wayfarer, £72 from
  3. Carve wraparound sunglasses, £30 from ASOS

If your forehead is broad, which then tapers down to a heart-shaped chin, then you can call yourself heart-shaped.  Think Jennifer Aniston.  Hearts are lucky, as their face shape suits both round and angular frames.  Avoid frames that are wider at the top than the bottom, as this is just reflecting the shape of a heart face, rather than trying to balance it.

  1. Vogue VO275S, £77 from London Eyewear
  2. Oakley Fast Jacket in polished black, £135.99 from Chain Reaction Cycles
  3. Ray Ban 3429, £125.50 from Pret a Voir

Oval faces are well balanced, softly rounded and with a forehead that is slightly wider than the jaw.  It might appear to be longer than it is wide.  Oval faced people are super lucky; they can carry-off most shapes.  Round, angular – the world is your oyster!

  1. Tom Ford Nicola, £179 from Pret a Voir
  2. Mango classic sunglasses, £6.99 from Mango
  3. Dirty Dog Bubby 53115, £36 from Sunglass Watch

Domestic Princess tips:

  1. Look for sunglasses that block 99 to 100% of BOTH UVA and UVB rays.
  2. Determine your face-shape before setting-off.  Either take a photo of yourself head on, or trace the shape of your face on a mirror using an old lipstick or something that isn’t permanent!
  3. When trying the sunglasses on, look in the mirror (obviously!) and if you can see your eyes through the lens, they might not be dark enough for blaring sunshine.
  4. Finding a pair that suits you and that has UV protection, is far more important than buying the latest trend in sunglasses.
  5. Sports will require a specialised pair, rather than the pair you wear for everyday use.
  6. It’s now possible to have prescription lenses in many designer frames.

Do you find buying sunglasses tricky?   Have you any hints or tips you could share with us on buying sunglasses?

With much love
The Domestic Princess

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