Partywear for Men 2012

Wednesday was all about the ladies, so today I’m turning my attention to the men to help them look sartorially sharp over the festive season!  Below are a few outfit ideas that would look great at a black-tie party, the bar, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve.

Sophisticated Yet Casual

Slanted pocket trousers, £125 from Nigel Hall

Pinpoint midnight blue shirt, £95 from Nigel Hall

Grey v-neck jumper, £100 from John Lewis 

James Bond

Tuxedo, £90 from ASOS

Smooth, Suave & Sophisticated

Whistler suit jacket, £200 from French Connection

Whistler trousers, £95 from French Connection 

Whistler waistcoat, £70 from French Connection

White poplin stretch shirt, £48 from French Connection

Office to Bar

Blue slim trousers, £40 from River Island 

Red stripe contrasting collar shirt, £30 from River Island 

All year round copy

Black cardigan, £24 from Topman

Two-tone shirt, £29.99 from Zara

Indigo vintage jeans, £36 from Topman

Grey tie, £19.99 from Zara

Ladies Man

Velvet blazer, £69.99 from Zara

Belted trousers, £39.99 from Zara

T-shirt, £9.99 from Zara

There’ll be more festive fun tomorrow with a BUMPER food post!

With much love
The Domestic Princess

Let’s get this party started!

Hello lovely readers!

I’m back after my latest mini break, albeit a bit later than I’d hoped, owing to some technical difficulties (ggggrrr) and Bangalore Belly (double ggggrrrrr).  Anyway, as promised I am back with all things Christmassy and kicking of the festive posts with a fashion one.

The party season’s nearly upon us and that means an outfit (or two)!  Whether you go all out sparkly, or fancy something a little more tame that you can wear at other times during the year, my ten outfit picks are sure to help you find something that will fit the bill perfectly!

Tomorrow is all about helping the men find their ideal outfit.

Black lace bandage dress, £45 from Oasis

Stella cream trousers, £110 from French Connection

Beaded collar blouse, £125 from Karen Millen

Red pleated dress with jewelled collar, £69.99 from Zara

Michael by Michael Kors silver sparkly dress, £215 from Net-a-Porter 

Milo wrap shirt body, £125 from Reiss

Lyon black tuxedo trousers, £120 from Reiss

Mesh swing dress, £45 from ASOS

Gold sequin dress, £59.99 from Mango

Black playsuit, £119 from Ted Baker 

Flower print dress, £299 from Hobbs


Bastyan Claude cigarette trousers, £150 from John Lewis

Silk pintuck blouse, £79 from John Lewis 

I’m thinking my credit card is going to be taking a bit of bashing tomorrow!  Did you see anything that took your fancy?  Have you got your eye on a new party frock?

It’s good to be back!

With much love

The Domestic Princess


Here Comes The Rain Again: Trench Coats For Men

One of my first posts on The Domestic Princess was my selection of trench coats for women, and I promised to come back with my edit for men, so here it is!  As I said in my post for the ladies, a trench coat should be a staple in everybody’s wardrobe, as it never goes out of fashion – the trench coat has pretty much remained unchanged for over 100 years.  I still firmly believe that a trench is an investment.  Oh, and if you’re wondering….I’m still lusting after a Burberry one, but am unlikely to be the proud owner of this little gem whilst I’m residing so close to the equator!

  1. Mid-length cotton trench coat, £595 from Burberry (also available in black and taupe)
  2. Long cotton gabardine trench cost, £1,095 from Burberry (also available in black and honey)
  3. Double-breasted trench coat, £79.99 from Zara (also available in brown)
  4. Full length trench coat, £75 from Topman
  5. Wedgewood trench, $213*/£175 from J Crew 
  6. Cotton trench, £119.99 from Mango (also available in black)

*The J Crew US site has free shipping and 25% off for orders over $150.  Enter code STYLE25 at checkout.

Domestic Princess tips

  1. Buy the best you can afford.  I know people who’ve had their Burberry trenches for over 10 years.  Think of it as an investment.
  2. Decide on the length you’re after.  The length you opt for will depend very much on your stature.  If you’re on the smaller side, a longer trench will just drown you, and likewise for taller men, a short trench will just emphasise your height.
  3. Your trench should be big enough to give you enough room to wear it over a suit or thick sweater.  Opt for a generous fit.  You should be able to button it up comfortably, without looking like you’ve been crow-barred into it.
  4. The sleeves should be around 2 to 4 inches longer than the sleeves on your suit jacket.

So lovely readers, have you invested in a trench?

With much love
The Domestic Princess


AW12/13: Peplum

I know it’s still August, but the stores are awash with the new season’s fashion.  One of the biggest trends of Spring/Summer 12 was the peplum, which is set to continue for Autumn/Winter 12/13.  So, what is “peplum”?

It’s a design that originated in ancient Greece, which means tunic.  Today’s interpretation of it, is a short flared, gathered or pleated fabric, which is attached to the waist of garments to create a frill.

A peplum adds a certain ladylike flair to your outfit.  It slims your waistline and accentuates your womanly curves.  What’s not to love about that?

Here are a few of my favourites at the moment.

  1. Peplum skirt, £30 from Oasis
  2. Lace peplum top, £35 from Warehouse
  3. Melanie textured peplum jumper, £95 from Reiss
  4. Peplum jacket, £70 from ASOS
  5. Alice & Olivia Victoria peplum dress, £215 from Net-A-Porter & $264 from Saks
  6. Sleeveless peplum top, £18 from Topshop

Domestic Princess tips:

  1. The best tip I can give you about purchasing a peplum garment is:  if it is super frilly, like the bed valances from the 80s, give it a miss.  What you’re looking for is something structured.
  2. When choosing your peplum, keep in mind this: fitted or flared styles.  To show off an hourglass figure, choose a fitted peplum.  If on the other hand you’re looking to add curves to your frame, opt for a flared one.
  3. If choosing a peplum skirt, the most flattering length is for the skirt to finish at, or just below your knee.
  4. A peplum jacket will look great with a pair of skinny jeans.

 Have you embraced this trend yet?  If not, will you?  I’ve got my eye on the lace peplum from Warehouse…..

With much love
The Domestic Princess

Shady People: Sunglasses to suit everyone

As I mentioned in the post on protecting your skin in the sun, UV radiation from natural sunlight can damage your eyes, both outside (sclera and retina) and inside on the cornea and lens.

Not protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays can cause no end of damage.  It can lead to skin cancer around the eyelids, cataracts and other eye disorders.  If that hasn’t got you reaching for your sunnies, I don’t know what will?!  And, if you’re a contact lens wearer, think about choosing a brand that offers UV protection.

I think choosing sunglasses that suit the shape of your face can be as tricky as choosing the right swimwear!  But like choosing swimwear, it’s all about knowing your shape, which will determine which frames will suit you.  Lucky for you, I have a little guide to help you!!

Which shape face are you?

A square face is one with a well-defined jaw line, wide cheekbones and a broad forehead.  Square faces are proportionally even.  “Chiseled” is probably a good way of describing squares.

If you have a square face you can carry off aviators really well, together with oval, round or curvy frames.  Metal frames with dark lenses are a good option.  Creams and neutrals are brilliant colours to soften the strong features of squares.  One style to avoid for squares is, funny enough, square shaped frames.  This style will just accentuate the angular nature of your face.

  1. Prada Folding PR12OS in Ivory, £206.46 from Fashion Eyewear
  2. Polarised men’s classic silver metal aviator, £16.50 from Boots
  3. Ray Ban Aviators, £87.95 from Blaze Sunglasses

If you’ve got a circular face with full cheeks and a rounded chin then you have a round face.  The objective of glasses for this shape face is to choose a frame that makes the face appear narrower and longer.  Go for angular shapes that break-up the roundness of your face.  Choose styles that are wider than they are deep; opting for a pair that are slightly wider than the broadest part of your face.  Without a doubt you want to avoid round frames.  An absolute no-no.  Classic black frames are going to be a winner on round faces.

  1. Ralph Lauren RL8066, £92.95 from Smart Buy Glasses
  2. Ray Ban Wayfarer, £72 from
  3. Carve wraparound sunglasses, £30 from ASOS

If your forehead is broad, which then tapers down to a heart-shaped chin, then you can call yourself heart-shaped.  Think Jennifer Aniston.  Hearts are lucky, as their face shape suits both round and angular frames.  Avoid frames that are wider at the top than the bottom, as this is just reflecting the shape of a heart face, rather than trying to balance it.

  1. Vogue VO275S, £77 from London Eyewear
  2. Oakley Fast Jacket in polished black, £135.99 from Chain Reaction Cycles
  3. Ray Ban 3429, £125.50 from Pret a Voir

Oval faces are well balanced, softly rounded and with a forehead that is slightly wider than the jaw.  It might appear to be longer than it is wide.  Oval faced people are super lucky; they can carry-off most shapes.  Round, angular – the world is your oyster!

  1. Tom Ford Nicola, £179 from Pret a Voir
  2. Mango classic sunglasses, £6.99 from Mango
  3. Dirty Dog Bubby 53115, £36 from Sunglass Watch

Domestic Princess tips:

  1. Look for sunglasses that block 99 to 100% of BOTH UVA and UVB rays.
  2. Determine your face-shape before setting-off.  Either take a photo of yourself head on, or trace the shape of your face on a mirror using an old lipstick or something that isn’t permanent!
  3. When trying the sunglasses on, look in the mirror (obviously!) and if you can see your eyes through the lens, they might not be dark enough for blaring sunshine.
  4. Finding a pair that suits you and that has UV protection, is far more important than buying the latest trend in sunglasses.
  5. Sports will require a specialised pair, rather than the pair you wear for everyday use.
  6. It’s now possible to have prescription lenses in many designer frames.

Do you find buying sunglasses tricky?   Have you any hints or tips you could share with us on buying sunglasses?

With much love
The Domestic Princess

Dress to the Max(i)!

Maxi dresses have been around for quite a few seasons, and from looking around this year, that’s not about to change any time soon.  Maxi dresses can be worn for pretty much any occasion:  to the beach, lunching and shopping with friends, a glamorous evening do, or to a wedding – it’s just a case of choosing the style that best flatters your shape (just like in the bikini post).  The other important thing to consider when choosing a maxi, is making sure the length is absolutely right for your height:  too long and you’ll look swamped and too short will make you look as if you’ve bought the wrong length dress!  If it’s good enough for the SATC ladies, then I think it’s good enough for us!  The good news is that women of all shapes and sizes can look good in a maxi!

Image credit

So here’s my edit of some of the loveliest maxi dresses around at the moment.

  1. ALICE by Temperley Yasmine laced maxi dress, £395 from Net-A-Porter
  2. Cool Change St Tropez bandeau dress, £195 from Harvey Nichols (also available in navy)
  3. Seafolly coral gladiator maxi, £82.50 from
  4. Jaro maxi dress, £70 from ASOS
  5. Pink dip-dyed bandeau maxi, £14.99 from H&M (also available in black & leopard print)
  6. ALICE by Temperley Marala maxi, £395 from Net-A-Porter (also available in white)
  7. London Rock stripe maxi, £175 from French Connection 
  1. Striped maxi, £59.99 from Mango
  2. Ditsy Leaf maxi dress, £62 from French Connection (also available in red)
  3. Mango patterned maxi dress, £39.99 from ASOS
  4. Celetste maxi dress, £75 from Banana Republic
  5. Leopard print dress, £124.99 from Mango
  6. Oasis butterfly print dress, £55 from ASOS
  7. Derhy Persienne maxi, £150 from John Lewis
  1. Amanda Wakely draped belted jersey maxi, £560 from Net-A-Porter (also available in taupe)
  2. Mint velvet sequin maxi dress, £59 from John Lewis (also available in mink)
  3. Aqua kimono maxi dress, £150 from ASOS
  4. Spell On You maxi dress, £150 from French Connection
  5. V-neck maxi, £89.99 from Mango
  6. Ghost Novella cowl back dress, £195 from John Lewis
  7. Coast Lori maxi dress, £195 from ASOS
  1. Derhy Ablya maxi, £99 from John Lewis
  2. Oasis necklace maxi, £55 from ASOS
  3. Gerard Darel Angelina maxi, £225 from John Lewis
  4. Pink cotton maxi, £29.50 from Marks and Spencer (also available in white)
  5. Geri green maxi dress, £45 from Next
  6. Blue jersey dress, £199.9 from H&M 
  7. Oasis pleated button maxi dress, £75 from ASOS

Domestic Princess Tips:

  1. Don’t buy a dress that pinches or is tight; buy the next size up, which will be far more flattering and get it tailored if necessary.
  2. Wear with a pair of flat sandals, or a pair of wedges during the day and something sparkly and more dainty in the evening.  Anything else will make you look frumpy.
  3. If the dress has too much volume and is making you look bigger than you actually are, add a belt to cinch you in at the waist.
  4. Closed toe shoes and boots are an absolutely no no with a maxi.
  5. A v-neck will create an elongated look, making you look a little bit taller (larger busted women should always opt for a v-neckline, regardless of the item of clothing).
  6. Larger women should avoid strapless maxis and opt for ones with straps that can accommodate a bra, and also choose larger prints.
  7. If you’re on the short side, opt for maxis in dark colours, as these will make you look taller, or choose one with a small print.
  8. A plain maxi can be dressed-up or down.
  9. If you’re purchasing your first maxi dress this year, I’d suggest going for a plain colour.
  10. Apple shaped ladies will look great in empire line maxis.

Have you spotted any favourites here?  Do you love maxi dresses?  Will you be wearing one this summer?

With much love

The Domestic Princes



Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers

Hello!  And welcome to Wednesday’s post.

With the weather in the UK this week truly embracing the “April Showers”, I thought today’s post would be very apt!  And if I wasn’t sweltering in 97F heat in India, I would absolutely be hot-footing it to the mecca that is Harrods and quite frankly my spiritual home, to pick-up either of these Burberry trenches (1 & 2 below), which I have been lusting after for many years.

My desire for a Burberry trench has been building for sometime.  Such a classic item is a wardrobe staple and will never go out of fashion, so I don’t really have a problem splurging on it.  In fact, I think I can go as far as saying it’s an investment!

I know not everybody shares this view, so I’ve had a wander around the virtual shops to find some other cheaper, but no less stylish alternatives.

  1. Burberry London short camel garbadine trench coat, £750 from Net-a-Porter
  2. Burberry London short black cotton double-breasted trench coat, £750 from Net-a-Porter
  3. Jigsaw khaki trench coat, £185 from John Lewis
  4. Hobbs Corrine trench coat, £149 from Hobbs
  5. Aigle double-breasted navy trench coat, £210 from John Lewis (also available in stone)
  6. Phase Eight Madison ecru cape trench coat, £60 down from £120 from Phase Eight
  7. NW3 by Hobbs Wentworth ink trench coat, £189 from Hobbs
  8. Mango short double breasted stone trench coat, £49.99 from Mango (also available in navy and red)
Domestic Princess tips for buying a new  coat:
  1. Always buy the best coat you can afford.  You won’t regret it.  Sometimes buying cheaply is a false economy.  I’ve had many a cheap coat fall apart on me!
  2. Forget trends and what is currently the coat of the moment and go for what suits you.
  3. Buy a generous fit.  Remember, you might be wearing this in the depths of winter, so you want to make sure it’ll fit nicely over your many layers.
  4. A lighter weight  coat will show up any lumps and bumps, so keep this in mind when choosing.

So, what do you think?  Is a designer coat worth splurging on?  Or do you prefer to buy from the high street?  Do any of the ones above take your fancy?  And which item of clothing do you think is worth splurging on, if any?

With much love

The Domestic Princess


PS look out for the men’s edit of trench coats coming soon!

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